Affiliated To CBSE New Delhi No. 1630119, School No. 20114
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"The task of education is to enable everyone to develop his or her own capacities to the utmost."

D.A.V. Nabha is committed to prepare global citizens equipped with the life skills required to meet the constantly changing challenges and needs of the world around them. As part of society that stands for educational leadership, scholarly achievement and a progressive approach, we combine the tenets of a traditional value based system with global trends and a world class infrastructure. For us, Education is not a destination but a journey of discovery, of exploration, of introspection, of interrogation-a journey full of hope, promise and endless possibilities. We endeavor to shape happy children, eager to learn, positive in outlook and ready to take on any and every challenge. We offer a comprehensive academic curriculum which is supported by a system of instruction that is experiential and encourages children to be logical, critical and analytical in thoughts and in application.

D.A.V Public  School ,Nabha is a connotation for excellence and perfection where day starts with prayers , recitation of Gayatri Mantra & Ishwar Stuti Prarthana Upasana  Mantra, has been dedicated   to noble cause of education with a sense of commitment since 1986. D.A.V Public School Nabha offers an accurate blend of tradition and modernity. It  not only taps the talents of the  youngsters, but also makes them sensitive towards social and environmental concerns. It aims at instilling desired like skills, cherished  moral values and  Techno vision in  young minds simultaneously. In order to meet global challenges of modern times  the school provides a highly conducive &  congenial  atmosphere. EXCELLENCE is our guiding principle & we take teaching as a mission, learning as a passion and excellence as a tradition. We believe in a integrated approach to education for all round development and personality of a child. The school believes in inherent discipline.  Our Focus is to reach out to each and every child of school because each child is unique and every child is precious.

" Not gold but only man can make A nation great and strong. Men who for truth and honour's sake stand fast and suffer long."

"Brave men who work while others sleep, who dare while others fly. They build a nation's pillar deep And lift them to sky."

Dr. Meena Mehta