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DAV Movement  

Rarely in the annals of history so we come across on single person so totally identifies with the social and moral revival of a nation as Swami Dayanand.He was not only a saint and reformer but also one of the greatest patriots of his time and raised his stentorian voice against the British domnation.

He led a vigorous crusade against supersititions and other social evils like casteism, polygamy,child-marriage,perpetual widow-hood of woman and dowry system. Above all,he realized the importance of eradicating illiteracy and ignorance through the sprread of education.to achieve this cherished goal of the Maharshi,a group of socially oriented people met in 1885 and formed the D.A.V College Trust and Management Society. The first D.A.V Insititude was establised in 1886 at Lahore. The growth of that sapling into a colossal tree with nearly 700 branches has been phenomenal success story.