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Lecture on 'Learn How To Learn'
Event Start Date : 22/08/2019 Event End Date 22/08/2019

DAV Cent. Public School,Nabha organised a Lecture on 'Learn How To Learn'

DAV Cent. Public School,Nabha organised a Lecture on 'Learn How To Learn' in the senior wing of the school on August 22,2019 under the dynamic leadership of the school Principal Dr. Meena Mehta. Students of classes lX to XII attended the Lecture. It was conducted by a renowned Edulogist and guided Meditation Expert Acharya Pawan Pandey. The session was for one hour. The aim of this Lecture was to enhance concentration level in the students by motivating them through self awareness. It was by guiding and helping them to create bullet points in one's own mind diary etc. In this epigrammatic conversation, he discussed about the problems of the students regarding studies. He explained many methods to the pupils for increasing their concentration power. He discussed that there are two types of concentration: external and internal concentration. We can make our mind stable by practising meditation and yoga. We should be hale and happy. He gave examples from his own life and presented them in a very impressive way. He also talked about the stress he faced during his childhood.He emphasized on the importance of physical and mental presence of a human being at a particular place by a beautiful activity . He informed them about ICU (Interest, Connect and Utility)and said that he is not going to lay any emphasis on students to follow as everything they do has their personal interest involved to find happiness and they should know now what they have to do. There after he had a feedback and follow up session. It was an interactive session.
The Principal conveyed her heartfelt gratitude to Acharya Pawan for such a wonderful and enlightening session on enhancement of concentration level. She inspired the students and teachers to follow these tips and make their future bright.The Lecture was thoroughly enjoyed by all the teachers and students.