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Event Start Date : 23/08/2019 Event End Date 23/08/2019

DAV Cent. Public school, Nabha celebrated festival of Janmashtami

To seek the blessings of Lord Krishna,DAV Centenary Public School,Nabha celebrated Krishna Janmashtami with joy and excitement on August 23, 2019 in the school premises under the kind supervision of the  honourable school Principal Dr.Meea Mehta. On this auspicious day,Students of classes VI and VII donned the role of Lord Shri Krishna, Radha, gopis, Yashoda Maiya, Sudama and gwalas.They were looking very graceful in colourful traditional attires and make-up.The event also comprised of marvellous group dance performances on the life of Lord Krishna. Flowers were showered  on Lord Krishna and Radha.They were offered Prasad of butter and mishri.Students brought decorated matkas. The school was decorated beautifully.Through these cultural activities, students were made aware about Indian traditions, customs and culture. This festival conveys the strong message of 'victory of good over evil'.the celebration was entertaining and educating.The event concluded with the message of the Academic Incharge,Ms Gurjeet Bakshi that the main purpose of this celebration was to inculcate value of sharing and respect among all the students.She blessed and congratulated all the students and teachers on this auspicious day.Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna was also celebrated in the Junior Wing under the able and vigilant guidance of our worthy Principal Dr. Meena Mehta on 23 August 2019 with great enthusiasm. The occasion is all about the different Leela's of Shri Krishna. Students of different classes donned the roles of Lord Krishna and Gopika’s amongst many other characters related to Janmashtami. The occasion started with the chanting of a beautiful Bhajan by Class V students. A scintillating performance was showcased by little angels of LKG , about the birth of Little Krishna.A small episode on one of the Leela of Krishna was also enacted by Class I. Dressed as Radha Krishna the students gave a traditional touch to the entire celebration. . An earthenware pot full of goodies was tied using a rope in centre of the stage. A magnificent performance of Class II students about the love of Meera  for her God was depicted in the  form of dance, made everyone stunned. Children merrily performed to the tunes of devotional songs. The students of Class V lighted up the stage with their commendable performance. The event concluded with the message of the Principal reminding the students about Lord Krishna’s. She made the students aware about the innumerable skills of Shri Krishna,that no one else in the world is comparable to him.As Krishna symbolises the end of ignorance and the ego. She also appreciated the students and the teachers for their tireless efforts.